Quadratum is a specialist architectural practice providing high quality advice on the conservation, maintenance, adaptation and restoration of historic buildings. Over twenty years experience in the field in Britain and Australia, focusing on the behaviour and interaction of traditional building materials, provides the basis for informed scoping and documentation of works to a wide range of historic buildings and structures to provide cost effective and enduring repairs and additions. 

Specialities include:

Traditional building materials - Stone, Brick, Render and plaster, Timber, Metals

Paint analysis

Transport infrastructure

Current clients include VicTrack and the City of Melbourne.

an imageCreed's Farm, Epping North

The 1860s bluestone farmhouse has been part underpinned and part dismantled and rebuilt following the collapse of this corner and chimney. The house was probably built by Scottish stonemasons using partially worked stone collected on the site in a traditional Scottish style, 'brought to courses' with small stone gallets filling the spaces between the larger stones. Completion is planned for December 2011.

The background image on this website is a detail of one of the Iron Age brochs in Glenelg, Scotland showing similar use of gallets in the first century AD. 

The name Quadratum is from the Latin 'OPUS QUADRATUM' which was one of the Roman stone wall building styles and 'AD QUADRATUM' the Latin name for one of the common medieval tile patterns with alternating diminishing squares and diamonds - as in the logo.